Advanced High Temperature Capacitors

Next Generation High Temperature Capacitors

TRS high temperature capacitors are based on a unique relaxor ferroelectric with high volumetric efficiency. The temperature characteristics of the dielectric can be engineered to suit the specific requirements of an application, with operating temperatures ranging from 150°C to over 450°C.

High temperature capacitors

Typical Commercial Uses

  • Deep-well oil exploration
  • Automotive electronics
  • Motor controllers
  • Power inverters
  • Pulsed power
  • Power electronics
  • Scientific instrumentation, etc.

Performance Characteristics

HT-300 and HT-460 performance characteristics

Several dielectric formulations have been developed to provide high dielectric constant (K) performance centered around operating temperatures of 300°C (HT-300, left) and 450°C (HT-460, right). These materials have been developed for characteristics similar to Y5V except that the operating temperature is shifted from 10-40°C to 150-350°C or 300-500°C.

HT dielectric performance chart

The HT dielectrics have outstanding high-temperature dielectric properties. Near the operating temperature, HT-300 capacitors are designed with a 4x voltage safety margin, have RC constants of 11Ω-F, ~30% change in capacitance at the rated voltage, and limited frequency dependence. Cap. values up to ~2μF are available.

High Temperature Capacitor Specifications

Operating Temperature (°C)
 300 (±50)
460 (±50)
Rated Voltage, max. (V)
Breakdown Voltage (V)
Nominal Capacitance @ 1 kHz (μF)
Nominal Dielectric Loss @ 1 kHz (%)
C/C0V @ Rated Voltage and Temp.
IR @ 100nF, rated volt. and temp. (Ω-F)
*Estimated: ΔC(-55/+200°C) ~ -20% / +66%
**Reverse voltage limited to approx. -125V

Wide Temperature Dependence Capacitors

WT-1 Dielectric data plot

Typical temperature dependence of TRS' wide temperature dependence capacitors:

  • WT-1 dielectric is ~X7R with a capacitance change of -15% at -55°C and +66% at 200°C operation can be extended to 300°C with capacitance variation +161%.

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