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TRS Technologies, Inc. (formerly TRS Ceramics, Inc.) located in State College, PA, is a producer of specialty piezoelectric and dielectric ceramic materials and components.

The company was founded in 1991 with a small capital investment and has steadily grown since that time using government funded research and development programs to commercialize new materials technology. In 1996 TRS purchased Centre Capacitor, a producer of high voltage and precision capacitors for the aerospace and communications industries. This product line represented a means for TRS to expand its ceramic production capability into cofired multilayer components. In 1997 TRS licensed single crystal piezoelectric technology from the Pennsylvania State University and subsequently won over $4 million in government funded research and development programs to commercialize this revolutionary new material. In 2000 TRS received a significant infusion of investment-capital funding to scale-up and commercialize a number of piezoceramic materials.

In 2003 TRS expanded our range of products to include scintillating crystals for medical applications. Currently TRS is supplying piezoelectric powders, crystals, and ceramic components to military, medical, and industrial markets.


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TRS Technologies, Inc.
2820 E. College Avenue, Suite J
State College, PA 16801 USA
phone: 814/238-7485
fax: 814/238-7539

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