What Makes TRS Technologies Different?

Since 1991, we have asked that same question as we have sought to be a world leader in piezoelectric and dielectric materials. What follows is a list of five distinguishing qualities that set us apart in the piezoelectric and dielectric ceramics marketplace.

1. Next generation piezoelectric materials
Our PMN-PT family of materials (PMN-PT, PIN-PMN-PT, and Mn doped PIN-PMN-PT) offer 5x the strain performance of traditional Type II PZT materials. With this revolutionary material, we are enabling a new generation of technologies, including medical ultrasound systems with higher resolution, reduced package size in sonar systems, and new low temperature instrumentation. 

2. High density and high tolerance PZT components
With our high density high tolerance PZT component capability, we can provide piezoelectric components that allow you to build reliable systems with high yields in the medical, sensor, industrial, and defense markets. 

3. Material and device development expertise
As a vertically integrated company that goes from raw powder to finished piezoelectric rings, discs, and plates, we can help you design your product from the powder properties to the piezoelectric component. With 21 years of experience building actuators, composites, transducers, and capacitors, we can help you design the ideal piezoelectric or dielectric component or device for your system.

4. Comprehensive quality system
TRS Technologies is proud to be ISO 9001 certified. We inspect our process and our products to insure your parts arrive to you on-time according to your specifications to meet your production needs.

5. A team of recognized industry leaders
Our founder, Dr. Thomas Shrout, is one of the most highly published researchers in the piezoelectric field. He holds 17 patents and has co-authored more than 250 papers. Our president, Dr. Wesley Hackenberger has 20 years of experience in ceramics development and manufacturing.